The building on a loss typically consists of the property that you own, or the property which you own and rent to others.
Construction today, consists of an almost infinite number of designs and building materials. The preparation of an estimate to replace or repair such a variety of structures requires an extensive background in construction. J.E.M. Adjustment provides such a background.
Over the years, J.E.M. Adjustment has acquired the technical knowledge required to present a complete and comprehensive building replacement or building repair estimate.
J.E.M. Adjustment has also assembled an array of seasoned contractors and specialists, ready and able to assist in the handling of your insurance building claim.


Contents is the personal property owned by you the insured, and located on and off the insured property.
J.E.M. Adjustment assists the insured in preparing a complete, comprehensive, and accurate list of damaged contents.
The importance of presenting a complete and thorough contents claims list to the company cannot be over stated. All to often, the unassisted insured presents to the company a contents work sheet that is incomplete. The result is often confusion on both sides, and almost always delays the settlement process and can potentially affect the settlement amount.

Another aspect of the contents claim is called Depreciation. Depreciation is the amount deducted from the Replacement Value of the contents claim, and is typically based on the age and condition of the damaged item or items. Items such as antiques, appreciate over time. Other Items such as a television set for example, depreciate over time.
Once again J.E.M. Adjustment can be instrumental in establishing both the replacement value, as well as the depreciation associated with damaged contents.
J.E.M. Adjustment is in a position to assist the insured and facilitate the contents portion of the loss, often affecting the outcome of the contents claim settlement.

Loss of Income, most commonly found on commercial claims, is the loss of income incurred by the insured as a result of a covered loss.
The Loss of Income portion of a loss is sometimes the most complex part of a commercial claim. At J.E.M. Adjustment, we specialize in identifying the business loss of income value associated with a loss. If necessary, we will secure the services of a Certified Public Accountant to verify our loss of income position on a loss.




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